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How to Improve the  Performance in Conservation and Development in Heritage Sites (Aug 2018)
Grossschutzgebiete - eine Weltmacht mit Modell Charakter (Dec 2017)
Unused Potential: Heritage as Resource for Local Development (Jan 2016)
Mayors as Drivers of Urban Renewal and their Secrets for Success (Nov 2015)
Co-learning, Co-producing, and Co applying in the North-South Cooperation (Oct 2015)
The World Parks as Models for Sustainable Development (Jun 2014)


Just Published

2018: Shifting protected area strategies to evidence based governance and management

Ruoss, E. & L.T. Alfarè 2018: Conference Volume 6th Symposium for Research in Protected Areas 2 to 3 November 2017, Salzburg p. 561 - 564

2017: Welterbe und Biosphärenreservate - Lernen von Modellen einer dynamischen Regionsentwicklung

Viele international anerkannte Großschutzgebiete zeigen, wie das Natur-und Kulturerbe der Regionalentwicklung dienen kann. Sie nutzen die neuen Strategien der nachhaltigen Entwicklung um ihre Schutzziele langfristig zu erreichen. Die UNESCO Welterbe Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch (CH), Dolomiten (I), Idrija (SLO) sowie die Biosphärenreservate Entlebuch (CH), Großes Walsertal und Wienerwald (A) sind Gebiete mit Modellcharakter im Alpenraum.

Ruoss, E. 2017: in Alpenreisen (Luger, K & Rest, F. Hg), Studienverlag Innsbruck, p. 237 - 261


Forum Alpinum 2014: Alpine resources: Use, valorisation and management from local to macro-regional scale. 17 - 21 September 2014, Darfo Boario Terme, Val Camonica (Italy) with a workshop organized by the Global Regions Initiative: Valorisation of natural and cultural heritage for local development on Wednesday 17th September.

Just published: 

The Age of Culture  by D. Paul Schafer (Author), Federico Mayor (Introduction)

Regions Magazin 2014/1: Cultural Heritage as Driver of Regional DevelopmentArticles related to Hallstatt (A), Idrija (SLO) and Bitola (FYROM).With a paper by Engelbert Ruoss, Loredana Alfarè, Irena Ruzin (2014): Cultural Tourism as an Opportunity for Sustainable Regional Development: The Case of Bitola.

October 2013 11-12th  Rome: International Conference on Sustainable Cultural Heritage Management. The University Roma Tre, Department of Business Studies, will host an international symposium to convey researchers and practitioners dealing with Cultural Heritage Management. The Conference Theme "Societies, Institutions, and Networks" reflects the broad array of values of Cultural Heritage. Global Regions Initiative will present “Challenging Hit and Run Tourism in Cultural Heritage Sites”. Further details

September 2013: New Publication: Biosphere Reserves as Model Sites for Sustainable Development by Dr. Engelbert Ruoss - In: Protected Areas in Focus: Analysis and Evaluation.  Proceedings in the Management of Protected Areas, Vol. 4. Michael Getzner & Michael Jungmeier (eds.), Verlag Johannes Heyn. Summary

Biosphere Reserve Nockberge, Carinthia (A):  Publication Meine Biospaere with an Interview with Engelbert Ruoss regarding the progress and the future of the site (page 5).

May 2013: The second issue of the Global Regions newsletter has been published 

June 2013: Service package Global Regions Support Framework launched:                                        I. Keynotes and Lectures; II. Development of Global Regions: Trainings; III. Coaching; IV. Assessment of Protected Areas and Global Regions 

CHERPLAN 17-18. April 2013: Mid – Term Conference of the EU project: Enhancement of Cultural Heritage through Environmental Planning and Management. Ministry of Culture of Montenegro. Njegoseva bb, Cetinje. Agenda

Topics of the presentations: Environmental Planning concept; Cultural Heritage Example with Environmental Planning and Management applied – Regensburg, Germany; Sustainable Tourism as Driving Force for Cultural Heritage Sites Development; “Beautiful Cetinje” project; Increasing Energy Efficiency of Cultural Heritage Buildings within Historic Core of Split by Improving Current Management System and Implementing Revitalization Project; Conservation of Rural Villages and their Landscapes; Civil Society Role in Revitalization Process and Round Tables: Heritage and Sustainable Development; The Economic Potential of Heritage beyond Tourism; Energy Efficiency in Revitalization Process. Details:

WFO 2013: WASTE FREE OCEANS FOUNDATION Conference, Brussels, 7th March 2013: Marine Litter: Public and Private Solutions will make a Change towards Blue Growth.
EU institutions, the private sector, the fishing community, the recyclers and other stakeholders met to find solutions regarding marine litter. Cooperation and innovation should aim at prohibiting littering and existing marine pollution should be turned into re-using and recycling, contributing to the blue growth and sustainable future of the society.
More than 100 participants, among them "Global Regions" member, followed the presentations of the 17 speakers and discussed issues related to Policy and Legislation, Actions and Projects, and Solutions. The movement is growing very quickly and actions involve an increasing number of countries worldwide. For further information visit

December 2012: The first issue of the Global Regions newsletter has been published

RICH 2012 - 1st Conference on Robotics Innovation for Cultural Heritage  - Venice (Italy) 3-4 December 2012

The purpose of this conference is to stimulate a stronger interaction between the scientists who work with the universe of robotics and the scientists who work with the universe of the activities needed to safeguard our world patrimony. 

More info and programme available at

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