A series of projects have already been implemented in order to initiate regional sustainable development and participatory processes. The experiences and results of these projects have been incorporated into the programme.


Lectures: Tourism and World Heritage - Master in International Tourism at USI Università della Svizzera Italiana


Analysis of UNESCO designated sites:

  1. Hit and Run Tourism: Venice, Dubrovnik, Hallstatt, Aquileia (CHERPLAN)
  2. Culture and Development: Bilbao
  3. Natural Resources and Development: Biosphere Reserves: Entlebuch
  4. World Heritage and Development: Case studies in the Alps: Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch, Dolomites
  5. Governance and Management in UNESCO designated sites: GMS in alpine sites (see publications 2017, 2018) and GMS in Marine sites in the Mediterranean Area (jointly with CNR-ISMAR Venezia)
  6. Heritage and Development Strategies:
  •   Valorization of the Architectonic Heritage in the Val Comelico

    The activities are part of initiatives to launch the local tourism development in the Val Comelico, respecting natural and cultural heritage at the boarder of the Dolomites World Heritage site in line with the project "Area interne" conducted by the Mountain Community Val Comelico e Sappada. ( coll. Andrea Soravia)

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