The Assessment process starts in Global Regions at the very beginning of the visioning process and is continuously monitoring the progress. The leaders are accountable together with  all participants for the achievements. A result matrix should be considered as a management tool to monitor strategy, goals, short term and long term success and should include criteria regarding management as well as development and resource efficiency. Definition of quantitative results and indicators from the beginning will help to communicate transparently and enhance credibility. The Assessment Methodology is established as a process assessment  in 5 steps.

Ecological Footprint: By making ecological limits central to decision-making, we are working to end overshoot and create a society where all people can live well, within the means of one planet. 

Human Development Report 2013: “To sustain progress in human development, far more attention needs to be paid to the impact human beings are having on the environment. The goal is high human development and a low ecological footprint per capita. Only a few countries come close to creating such a globally reproducible high level of human development without exerting unsustainable pressure on the planet’s ecological resources.”  

Dow Jones Index for SD: "Pioneering role in driving sustainability thinking and investing". Award for Business Standards for Investments in Sustainable Development 

Social Compact: "economic indicators and detailled analysis that translate into new tools to support community development"

Global Reporting Initiative: The GRI Sustainability Reporting Guidelines offer Reporting Principles, Standard Disclosures and an Implementation Manual for the preparation of sustainability reports by organizations, regardless of their size, sector or location. They offer an international reference for all those interested in the disclosure of governance approach and of the environmental, social and economic performance and impacts of organizations. "

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